Our Aim

Our prime aim is to develop the mental physical abilities and skills of the pupils, which is essential for their effective participation in the day to day situation of life. The school is dedicated to the task of providing superior educational facilities for progressive and experimental teaching as well as training on a futuristic basis with a firm background of the history and culture of India. It aims at preparing conscious and responsible citizens with a sense of the integrity and honesty. Believing in the worth and uniqueness of the individual. It works towards fostering each individual’s potentialities by providing varied opportunities for meaningful timing and fair growth. It caters to the needs of children of all communities and classes selected on basis of educational suitability irrespective of socioeconomic differences. Physical training, Social and cultural activities and other Co-curricular activities are given adequate place in the children to make them disciplined and worthy citizens. Moral education is imparted to all children in order to inculcate in them right values and attitudes.